HP ProtectTools Security Manager

HP ProtectTools Security Manager

The real time protection center takes care of unwanted access to your system
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HP ProtectTools Security Manager 2.0, this real time protection center takes care of unwanted access to your system as well handles innumerable tasks.
This multi-functional tool is exclusively designed to configure your Notebook or Desktop for the functionality of smart card reading or biometric sensors.
The tool is fully functional from its icon on the task bar for providing functions like; toolbar settings, date and time adjustment, Windows cascading, tile Windows horizontally or vertically, show desktop, task manager launcher, options to lock taskbar and so on.
The other important function of the tool is the security feature enabled in its BIOS Configuration that includes; various boot options, device settings option, security settings, provides information of your system battery, and system access password setting options.
The other important function to keep your system under sole access is with the Credential manager; this utility needs to be logged in to set up your identity, the utility provides the user Authentication and Credentials, and can also be configured as per user’s choice and preferences in the advanced settings. It provides authentic methods to access and log in to Windows.

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  • Takes care of unwanted access to your personal system


  • Not very useful, the user can also do without using the tool
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